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Modular Kitchen includes appliances such as refrigerator, sink, microwave oven, chimney, shutters, shelves, cabinets, trolley, panels, pantry, drawers, corner storage system, counter tops and cook tops. This is also followed by an array of joinery fittings or accessories such as handles, hinges, knobs, backlash profile and drawer slides. One might just think of stocking up any and every accessory available. But it is essential to spare some time and educate oneself more about the type and quality of accessories before making an investment in a modular kitchen. Glass, steel, wood, granite, marble, copper and brass are few of the options that can be considered.
Modular Kitchen Benchtops

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Most kitchen countertops are made from ceramic tile. They can also be made from granite, engineered stone, butcher black, stainless steel, and marble. Create a unique style in your kitchen with new countertops! When do you want this project finished? What kind of kitchen countertops do you want? What is your budget for the kitchen countertops? How much countertop space do you have? What are the advantages of different materials for kitchen countertops?
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