by on December 1, 2019

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website. It allows retailers to sell their products on their platforms. Mostly manufacturers and brands are able to sell on Amazon as additional sales profits for their stores. You can create an Amazon seller account after being approved you’ll be able to sell items in-store or let them sell it for you using Fulfillment By Amazon account. 

Fulfillment fees: FBA costs to pick, pack, ship, handle customer service, and returns start at $2.41 per unit and go up to $137.32 for special, oversized items. Stock removal fee: FBA charges a removal fee of $.50 to $.60 per unit if you want to pull inventory from Amazon 

If you want to generate side income or big scale operations to make a living off your business, one of the best places to start selling your products on Amazon and eBay.

The benefits of fulfillment by Amazon are:

  1. Effortless logistics and fast shipping.
  2. Discounted shipping rates or free shipping.
  3. Management of returns.
  4. Customer service management.
  5. Potentially make sales and unlimited storage space for the upgrade.
  6. Quick delivery for your customers.
  7. Fulfillment from other Amazon warehouse.


Amazon expanding its business and have big warehouses to operate for quick delivery processing orders and shipments. I have to think about online business but I don't have enough time to do it. I'm a busy person but maybe one day who knows. For those, want to start an online retail business Amazon might be your option or eBay. Both of these companies have a million visitors and users every day around the world.

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